Shaped by an expertise acquired in the last years spent at the Bordeaux Directorate-General of Planning, Housing and Heritage, Agence NEUVILLE can contribute significantly to your restoration projects in the Historical Centre, and more specifically in the protected sector of Bordeaux. We also provide you with a study at a housing scale, that will couple historical heritage with interior design and Art of Living. Regulatory expertise of ancient housing and precise decyphering of the exceptionnal patrimony of Bordeaux are the key competences we provide for the feasability of your project.

In the course of your possession’s interior planning and to know everything concerning the legal frame and the application of urban and architectural predisposition wihtin the remarkable patrimonial site of Bordeaux, please feel free to contact us.


Giving your brand a strong and unique identity is a true communicational stake – personnality, values, logo, form of expression, graphic charter. Our consultants and designers help you design the artistic concept of your identity.

Directly inspired by the skills required in creating Agence NEUVILLE and proceeding with the application of a Design Identity, we thought we would offer you an artistic benefit which regroups the creation of your corporate, marketing graphic design, communication strategy and the management of your press relations and the creation of your editorial content.

Moreover, your company will benefit from the experienced network of Agence NEUVILLE all over France and Switzerland, and from all of our ressources abroad. 

We will design the best strategy in accordance with your goals, for your company, your brand  or your business model, and we will calibrate the performance and nature of your communication medium.




Communication Strategy, Corporate Identity, Content Marketing 


Website design, natural Referencing (SEO), Traffic & Conversions, Digital Communication,
Digital Advertising.


Advertising, Public Relations, Films, Prints, Presentations.